Wellness, Fitness and F&B Outlets. Optimised.

DayPass is the platform promoting your leisure and recreation, F&B, and wellness experiences to visitors. We List and sell your day passes in a reliable, secure, and automated environment.

Welcome day guests by the Pool, Beach Club, Gym, or Spa.
Drive new revenues, keep your amenities from lying idle, and increase food and beverage activity. All while staying in full control of your occupancy.

Reach a new Clientele Embracing the DayPass Lifestyle

Target a vibrant and frequently travelling community - fond of luxury wellness, fitness and culinary experiences



Drive Revenues

Ancillary business when at lower occupancy

Acquire Guests

Connect with future guests 

Raise Awareness

DayPass members recommend   their experiences

 Up & Cross-sell

Push offers from the Spa, F&B, Shops...


Properties We Serve


At your Service


DayPass is a technology company, automating your Day Pass experiences distribution, marketing, and management. We deliver in the background -  so you can focus on serving your guests.

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  • Booking Engine
  • Extranet
  • Reports