What is a Hotel Day Pass ?

A Day Pass lets you access sport, leisure and recreation amenities at hotels, resorts, gym and spas without a room or a treatment attached. You can enjoy the pool, the beach club, fitness and other wellness facilities for a couple of hours.

What is DayPass App?

The mobile application to book day pass experiences: reserve pools, gyms, beach clubs & spas experiences on demand.

How does the magic happen?

We connect you with welcoming wellness and fitness properties. Open the app, browse around you or at destination, tap and get instant booking confirmation!

How late can I book a Day Pass?

You can book your day pass for Today, Tomorrow, and up to 21 days. For a day pass on the same day, please plan accordingly to closing hours.

Is there a cost to the service?

DayPass service is always free for you, no booking fees and no subscription needed. Our partners are happy to welcome you, they even offer preferred rates. Excellent right?

What are "For Information" listings?

We offer Instant booking listings, for which you get instant confirmation for your day pass reservation.

DayPass also lists some spotted day pass offers, for these listings, we provide information such as rates, conditions, and phone number for you to enquire directly. Let them know about DayPass ;-)

What is the Cancellation - Refund policy?

Please note that all day passes are not refundable, nor cancellable, as our partners block available spots for you, they make special efforts to offer this new service, please plan accordingly.

On one to one basis and for specific reasons, we could consider a discretionary refund or cancellation claim.

Let us know how we can help >

I only see a couple of locations available?

Indeed, we hand pick our partners and aim for quality over quantity.

These top day pass locations > would love to welcome you to experience a beautiful day pass with them, nothing less. If you think we missed that special place you know, please tell us where to look >

Also, we add locations and partners every other day, so make sure to come back, we should be able to be near you quite soon.

What's not included?

You book for facilities and amenities access without overnight hotel rooms, membership, or spa treatments attached, otherwise explicitly described in our listings. When visiting all inclusive resorts, you usually get food, drinks and activities included. In doubt, please double check the day pass description or ping our Concierge Live Chat >

At your service!

Can I contact you?

Yes, please do, we would love to hear about your needs, your experiences and how we can improve DayPass. In fact, without you and your feedback, we could not do it, so thanks a thousand times for choosing us.

You can follow us to be updated with new destinations, promotions, surprises.

What's next?

Sign up & let us know where you want to DayPass > we will notify when available where you DayPass.