What is a Day Pass?

A Day Pass is a day time visitor experience in sport, leisure and recreation at your property (hotel, resort, health club & spa) without a room or a treatment attached. Think a ticket for a specific date, within a time slot and for a fixed rate, giving access to the amenities and services you decide.

What does DayPass ?

We operate a mobile application letting you market pools, gyms, beach clubs & spas experiences, directed to upper class travellers and locals.

How does it work?

Commercially: similar to an Ota, free listing, commission based.


  • Powered by an Extranet technology with inventory, rate, open - close, black out, options...on back office side.
  • Booking Engine on the front office side.
  • Our members can reserve a pool, gym, beach club, spa...experiences at your property in 2 taps.
  • Your team receives reservation and guest details + net payment.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Please note that all day passes are not refundable, nor cancellable, meaning no "No Shows" for your property.

Who is behind DayPass ?

An international, multicultural, multilingual remote team of people passionate by travel, luxury experiences and the healthy lifestyle.

You can learn more about the team here.

We are an independent company, with advisors within the Hospitality & Tech industries.

What's next ?

We'll contact you to check if our services could answer your needs and if your offer would be a good fit for our members.

We would discuss details and have to set up a contract for your day pass listing. It could be live within hours.

I have more questions

Please hit reply from the email we just sent you.

We'll try to answer to it asap.


How do you promote the App?

We leverage a community of influencers around the world.

I don't want to overload my property?

And neither do we. Our mission to help you fill your idle and underused amenities. We encourage you to serve your in-house guests in preference, yet, at lower occupancy rates, you property should be comfortable welcoming external guests. With our solutions, you can reduce inventory, close reservations, stop sales, in real time.

Why is my property already listed "for information"?

Our Concierge teams curate available day pass offers and list them to guide our members all over the world. It is a good start that you found your property, that means we have identified it as fitting our members' taste. We hope you'll be interested by automatic your day pass reservations with our solutions.

I only see a couple of locations available?

Indeed, we hand pick partners and aim for quality over quantity. Our members favour 4 to 5* properties, from premium to ultra luxury. Upscale health clubs & prestigious Spas are our partners.

Our Amenities are reserved to Guests & Members!

DayPass is not for every property and everywhere.

It's been forever this way and we totally understand it.

Yet, think about it, your guests or members are not staying at hotels all the time, how could they experience the same level of services if not staying with you or at a sister property?

They could be visiting family, owning a flat or a country house, staying at a friend's place, limited to a certain category of accommodation while traveling for business etc... while in your area.

What about Security, Integrity, and Privacy issues?

Our members abide by your internal regulations and are usually well aware of hotel etiquette and proper behavior.

They must show up with their ID and reservation confirmation.

What are DayPass references?

From Le Méridien, Barriere Group, Dorchester Collection, Sheraton, Wyndham properties, independent boutique hotels...


Looking forward to our exchange.

The DayPass Team