Best Hotel pools day pass in Palm Springs

by Lindsay DeLong  April 29, 2016
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When you think of Palm Springs, you instinctively think of pools. It’s basically a PSP law that you can’t do the desert proper without one. They go together like a salt-rimmed glass and a grapefruit margarita, like freckles and sunshine, like bikinis and Kate Upton. They are meant for each other, and you, you hot sweaty little thing, condone it 110 percent.

Immediately upon your arrival into the desert, no matter the season, your first mission is to find the nearest watering hole, dunk yourself, hold your breath and blow a couple bubbles, then reemerge with a new mission: fruity cocktails. This is Palm Springs living in a nutshell, and as the summer months arrive and the sizzling temps surpass into triple digit status, pool-time becomes even more vital.

So put on your suit, slather some sunscreen over that svelte bod, and grab the inflatable swan T-Swift style. We got you. You’re about to cool off (or mellow out) at the best pools in Palm Springs. Quick, or your gonna overheat!

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

NOTE: The Hacienda Cantina is closed until further notice

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