Best hotel pool day pass in Paris

Discover the best hotel pools day passes in the most beautiful and most travelled cities in the world, aka the City of Lights - Paris.

We have selected some of the most amazing locations we visited, some are instantly bookable on DayPass, we'll be adding up new ones regularly.

Fouquet's Paris

  • The iconic Fouquet's Paris located on the Champs-Elysées, offering an extraordinary atmosphere at the pool level, with hydrotherapy course. Steep price for a unique experience.

  • From 79€ per person

Fouquet's Spa Diane Barriere Paris

Fouquet's Spa Diane Barriere Paris

Renaissance Vendôme Hotel Paris

  • At the Renaissance Vendôme Paris, there is a little day pass gem we found for you. The pool is small but large enough to plunge and relax after a stressing day.

  • Comes with Relaxation Beds & Small Gym.

  • From 50€

Renaissance Vendôme Spa Paris

Renaissance Vendôme Spa Paris

Les Bains de Lea

  • Hotels offering pools are quite rare in Paris, we have yet found an exquisite place walking minutes from the Champs-Elysées. A Spa that offers the best amenities you could dream of in the city of light. This little gem, called les Bains de Léa (Lea's Baths), is family owned and managed. The relaxation level over there is at its peak when you rest by the superb pool.

  • From 80€

Les Bains de Léa Paris

Les Bains de Léa Paris

To dig further here is a super interesting article review from Heather

**Heather Stimmler-Hall** of Secrets of Paris | Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sometimes it’s nice to escape the city for a day of relaxation, but the weather isn’t cooperative or you simply can’t get yourself organized enough to traverse the Paris périphérique. So what can you do right here in the city to feel like you’ve escaped the noise and crowds? Try a day poolside in one of the Parisian palace hotels.Unlike the public pools, they are not cheap. But for about €200 you can spend the day lounging in luxury surroundings in pristine, heated swimming pools with spa facilities including steam baths and saunas. Combine it with a relaxing massage or facial and a light gourmet lunch and you’ve spoiled yourself rotten for the day without the bother of trains, planes or automobiles...


Photo courtesy Royal Monceau

Le Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel has a 23-meter indoor infinity pool and Clarins spa with detox treatments. All pristine white, designed by Philippe Starck, natural lighting from skylights. Day pass to pool, sauna, steam room and fitness €190 (free if you get any spa treatments of at least two hours). This is a very trendy hotel, so pack your most stylish bikini.

Photo courtesy Shangri-La Paris

Shangri-La Hotel Paris has a Greek-style 15-meter mosaic-tiled pool which opens to a huge outdoor sundeck for plenty of natural light, designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon.

Spa treatments by Carita. A day pass of €250 includes a 60-minute facial or body treatment and access to the pool, steam room and fitness. This hotel is known for its service, and has life guard on duty..