Best hotel & resorts pool day pass options in Bali

10 luxury resort pools in Bali where you can dip into on a day pass

By Fiona Davies What makes Bali’s luxury beach resorts so alluring? Is it the impeccable service, the world-class architectural design, or the elegant rooms with beds fit for royalty and fancy pants bathroom amenities? Egyptian cotton sheets and fluffy bathrobes are all rather wonderful, but it’s an eye-poppingly amazing pool that really lets you know you’re in high-priced paradise. If you wouldn’t mind kicking back celebrity style in an extravagant 5 star resort pool, but don’t have the budget or the burning desire to actually stay in such exclusive digs – well, you’re in luck.

Many resorts offer day passes for non-residents, giving you access to the pool, and often other amenities as well. We’ve dipped our toes in at 10 of Bali’s top-end resorts to show you the best places to soak up their poolside luxury for a day.

Club Med Bali

Amazing Club Med Bali!

Experience the all inclusive by Club Med Bali, a family resort in an exotic beach location, offering exquisite local cuisine, delightful spa & more with sports, activities all day long!

Whether you wish to relax, be active, discover the Balinese culture, have fun or enjoy family time, there is something for everyone at Club Med Bali.

Featuring a quiet pool area, the kid pool, 2 restaurants & 2 bars.
Buffet lunch & Unlimited Drinks included.
* Free below 4.

From 920 000 IDR per person.

Club Med Bali DayPass

Hilton Bali Resort

Super nice day pass at the Pool.

Spend a minimum and you get half day of a Cabana, Sweet Right?.


Padman Resort Legend

Spend a minimum of Rp250,000 at S.K.A.I. Beach Club Bali (approximately USD $18) per person to access the Infinity Pool (and a complimentary towel).

Spend a minimum of Rp500,000 at S.K.A.I. Beach Club Bali (approximately USD $36) to get a daybed by the pool overlooking to the beach!

Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort

Get your day pass at Rp175,000 (approximately USD $12)!

As usual, you'll find the rates and all details of these day pass options in Bali on the DayPass App.

 Intercontinental Bali

Intercontinental Bali