Health & Well Being are your only assets.

Our Little Contribution...

Have you ever experienced being swamped, tired and stressed out when you have not exercised or relaxed for a while. This is what happens when you do not follow the running or swimming routine, you become out of sync, less centered, irritable for the small things, getting overwhelmed quickly and begins the negative thoughts spiral. All this become even more important when traveling away from home, locally or internationally, as travel is always a stress for your senses caused by new surroundings, lack of references, and jet-lag can be at play too.

Our take here is that to be your most performing self, to be whole and complete most of the time, you need to take care of yourself, mentally and physically, and that can cover food, sleep, meditation, hobby, exercise, relaxation.

At DayPass we bring our little contribution to wellness & fitness tools one can use, and we believe we are opening an entirely new world for locals and travelers, by unlocking access to hotel sport and leisure facilities, on a push of a button.


Nowadays, thanks to technology we practically have the whole world in our hands.

We have a private driver app (Uber or Lyft), a private travel agent app, a second home with a Hotel or peer to peer accommodation app ( Airbnb,, a private DJ app ( Spotify, Soundcloud)...we have all these luxuries on our phones.

As we believe our most luxurious asset is our Health and Well-Being and this is when DayPass comes to play as to become your Health Club on the go, you are basically getting access to hotel pools, gyms, and spas, anytime anywhere.

The DayPass app was designed to make things that would otherwise be complicated, very easy to do.

For example, having a trip to another city, and not having the time to go online to search, ask and check what gym or hotel pool is available. The DayPass app brings you a list of DayPass hotels that you might be interested in by a simple click, you can also check the closest Gym that offers a single day pass option.


Finding a gym, a nice pool or a spa during a vacation or a business trip might be difficult. Information is not well advertised, prices are usually outdated, and bookings need to be made through phone or email.

Visiting a friend or family abroad? You can exercise, swim and relax at the most beautiful hotels and health clubs.

You rented a Chalet or a Flat at a Ski Resort, what's better to relax and unwind at a five stars pool after a good ski day?

With DayPass, you can reserve a 5* hotel pool for the day to upscale Hotel amenities, in Paris, Miami, Dubai Hong-Kong.

We also have great options in the Caribbeans, explore all inclusive resort day pass in the Dominican Republic, Grand Bahama should you want to explore from a Cruise Ship or living on the Island Life.

Here is a sample of what you're getting on DayPass:

DayPass App Features


You simply need your Smartphone, download the app either on Android or IOS, install it, and that is it. You can quickly browse for what you need and book your space in a wellness center in 3 taps.

Easy to Use

 Many people do not like installing lifestyle applications since they think that they are difficult to use; however, we have made an effort to ensure that the user experience on the app is smooth and seamless. You simply need to search for the Day Pass at a hotel pool or fitness center that you are looking for, choose the dates when they should expect you and confirm the booking, easy and fast.

Special Rates

By using the app, depending on the offers of the day, you can get special rates and discounts that you would otherwise not get if you were searching for the public Day Pass on the web.

Wide Coverage

 The app does not only cover the states and cities within the US only; you get access to about 15 countries. This means that if you are a fan of traveling, DayPass hotel app will have you completely covered.

Instant Support

Our team is available round the clock to help you in case you face a dilemma somewhere or if something goes wrong. We will be ready to assist you and get you on your way to an amazing experience.

The DayPass App gives you access to some of the best resorts and hotels; you can book private gyms, a day spa, and wellness clubs, among much more. All of these are within your reach with just a few taps on your smart device.

At DayPass, you get full access to gyms, swimming pools both indoors and outdoors, spa amenities: Hydrotherapy, Sauna, and Jacuzzi among others. All of these wellness services will be offered to you by the best in the industry so you can enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa before going to soak out in the sun with a refreshing of your choice.

By Joining today, you will unlock a world of new experiences and benefits from our promotions, special rates, and surprises.

Sign up, and we let you know when the App is available.